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CAD/Design/Drafting Overview

The CAD/Design Drafting Scholarship Competition is a contest designed for senior high students. The contest provides recognition to students for creative design, successful problem solving, and craftsmanship in preparing architectural drawings. Entries are evaluated for detail, accuracy and originality of work.

Objectives of the contest are to introduce the student to the construction industry in a positive and challenging manner, while fostering a sense of self-worth and building confidence. Mentoring programs between students and educators are also encouraged.

Each local sponsor is furnished with a "Design Problem" that is designed by a licensed Architect or Engineer and is generic enough to meet the needs of all areas of the US and our international affiliates. Project drawings must include as a minimum a floor plan, exterior elevation, and site plan with placement of structure. National winners receive prizes.




The Tucson Chapter has completed another successful year of this NEF program for high school students. And the winners are - -


Canyon Del Oro      Cogan Streeter     first place

                             Greysen Madison    second place

                             Austin Bowyer       third place


Mountain View       Stephen Knapp      first place

                             Anthony Martin     second place

                             Kevin Reid             third place


Cogan and Greysen are sophomores; Austin is a junior; Stephen, Anthony and Kevin are all seniors. The Mountain View students, their parents and a grandmother, along with Frank Drake, instructor, were guests at the April meeting. We enjoyed their company and I think they had a good time meeting all of us.


The first place winners have been submitted for regional judging. Our fingers are crossed for another winner for Tucson.


We already know that Mountain View will participate again next year. They are enthusiastic about this program. Canyon Del Oro only has an engineering class this coming year and will not be aboard unless there is a specific interest outside the classroom for this competition.


As always, it is my pleasure to serve the Chapter as Chair of this competition. Also, a special thank you to my co-worker, Rob Skinner, at Lloyd Construction for his expertise in the judging.


Helen Adams, CIT

CAD Design Drafting Committee Chair 2008-09

Each year students are given a different
design problem. Past designs have included
a bank, special needs home, dentist office
and a park.

Items they’ll need to consider in their plan are:

• Satisfying a client’s needs and wants.

• Incorporating energy saving features.

• Utilizing as much natural light as possible.

• Meeting the minimum & maximum square
   footage requirements.

5 drawings are required for judging:

• Site plan with roof plan

• Floor plan

• Exterior elevations

• Building section and wall section

• Electric plan

In addition, students are required to include a
design narrative with their entry. 
find that this program is a great match with their
curriculum and easy to implement in their

Entries are evaluated for detail, accuracy
and originality of work.

For further details including project and requirements please visit the NAWIC Education Foundation K-12 CAD.